Football Field

Fantasy football is every football fan’s dream – it lets them pick the team that they think would work well together and win money at the same time. Many football fans complain about the decisions made by the managers and coaches at their favourite clubs but what would happen if they had to make the decisions themselves?

Fantasy football is becoming increasingly popular in 2020 as more football fans get involved. Find out what you need to know about fantasy football below.

What Is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football is quite simple to understand but there are a few platforms that you can choose from. One of these is actually run by the English Premier League and so is already quite wide-spread. To play fantasy football, you will need to choose a team of 11-15 players who will be on your squad. These players will be from real teams who are out there scoring goals and winning matches in the real world.

As the members of your squad win in real life, you’ll earn points and climb the fantasy football leader board. Usually, you’ll play in a mini-league or a larger one if you prefer. Your score will be compared against others in your league on a league table.

How Popular Is It?

Fantasy football is a phenomenon that is growing in popularity every single day. According to reports, there are over 6 million people in the UK who play fantasy football over on the Premier League site. Of course, this doesn’t even compare to the millions who are also playing other versions of the game around the world.

How Do You Earn Points?

To earn points and climb the leader board in your fantasy football league, you’ll need to choose players who are going to perform in real life. The actual point allocation will depend on the website or app that you are using to play fantasy football, so you’ll need to check the rules.

Usually, you’ll earn points for players with a starting appearance, each goal scored, key contributions and penalty saves. You might lose points for scoring an own goal or for getting a red card. Some players will only be able to earn you certain points, for example, you’ll usually only have one player who can earn points for saving a goal – the keeper.

How Do You Bet on It?

There are a few ways that you can bet on fantasy football and win money. Some leagues will require you to pay to enter and the winner of the league will win a cash prize at the end of the league. Some leagues also come with prize pools for the players who get second, third and fourth place.

You might also want to bet on fantasy football by coming up against a single opponent. There would need to be an allocated time set for this to work properly.

The odds in fantasy football work in a similar way to betting on real football. The same players are out there on the pitch and the likelihood of their team winning and scoring you some points remains the same. For this reason, you should check out odds on teams winning when setting up your squad for any upcoming tournaments.

Try It Today

If you haven’t already tried out fantasy football, then you are missing out. There is a lot of money to be won in this game and with millions of people playing it every year worldwide, you’ll have a lot of competition. If you consider yourself a football expert, then you’ll definitely be able to pick a great team. Make sure to try out fantasy football online and place a bet to win some cash at the same time.