Appealing to professional and high stakes bettors, 3et takes some of the largest max bets on the internet. This exclusive and bespoke betting platform purports to be the only sports book you’ll ever need. It was launched in 2017, as a solution for those that want to place larger than regular bets on various sports. This bet broker works by placing bets on behalf of the user at a range of sites with the best odds. Its automated software automatically seeks out the top sites to place bets on.


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Players must apply for an account and be considered, there is a period of time between these steps, which may means you miss selected matches or games.
This is a sportsbook that is intended to appeal to high stakes bettors, with slightly higher minimum deposits and bets.

Payment Options

There are a number of payment options available for use at 3et:
| Credit and debit cards | Neteller | Skrill | EntroPay | Bitcoin | Paysafecard | Sofort | Bank transfer | Currencies available are: AUD, EUR, GBP, HKD, IDR, KRW, MYR, NOK, NZD, RMB, SEK, THB, USD, VND


3et technically falls into the category of a betting broker, as they allow users to spread bets across different sites and markets. They offer almost unlimited live bets, with over £20K available to bet on single games or matches. They specialise in the football betting arena, though accept large bets on other types of sports too.

This betting platform is all about featuring the best odds for high stakes bettors. They specifically target those that bet professionally, so users must be approved for their accounts. They also perform hedge fund services and risk management solutions to agencies and individuals.

The interface of 3et gives you a lot of options at your fingertips, without feeling cluttered or overwhelming. It’s a modern, clean way to place bets and watch the outcome. The betslip is displayed at the side of the software, which allows you to place multiple bets at once. Bets can be placed instantly, so players do not need to miss out on any games.

3et offer unparalleled customer service, with agents available around the clock to deal with any queries from bettors. It’s a bespoke, VIP experience that is built with the aim of catering to those that wish to place large bets. They primarily deal with English and Chinese markets, with native customer support teams to deal with both.

As you would expect from this kind of site, there are no free bets or bonuses to be claimed. They are not as concerned with giving players additional funds, the bets are more angled towards those with boundless amounts of funds to spend. They do offer some incentives on larger and more frequent bets, but these are less common than on standard sportsbook sites.

It’s perfectly safe to use a bet broker, as 3et is licenced through the Alderney Gambling Commission. This allows UK players to use their software and allow them to place bets on their behalf. These types of sports betting options are different to standard consumer ones, but the procedure for help and licencing remains the same.

3et is a betting broker with a difference, though it won’t be suitable for all players especially those that want to place lower bets. They don’t go in for promotions or bonuses, but those that wish to place large bets without having to manually split their bets between sites. This make it a much quicker and easier process to place these large bets, without as much hassle for the user. While this may be a rather niche market, those that wish to bet in this manner will find 3et a fantastic solution.