Everyone’s saying bet on Esports now because you can make a quick buck.

I want to dispute that and tell you to bet on esports wisely. I’m going to share my 5 top tips for betting on eSports as a wise punter would!

What are some of the most common games to bet on?

Dota2, Counter-Strike Global Offensive[CS GO], League of Legends[LOL], OVERWATCH, StarCraft2, FIFA and a few more are the most common games which attract attention of Esports fans. You can simply enjoy watching the matches or place bets on those which you are fan of and eventually you can take it more seriously and start to make real money if you are professional bettor too.

Here are 4 of my top tips for betting on eSports like a wise punter would.

  1. Choose your bets wisely.

My favourite games which I actively play are Dota2 and CS-GO, and I like to watch battles between the best players on this planet! Watching games is so exciting and in doing so it can teach us so much about how to play the game better too. It also gives you a chance to understand professional player tactics when playing with friends or against other buddies.

I’ve spent the last 20 years by playing games online (this gave me good insight into of how to players think and what to expect from them during a game). I have also spent the past 10 years as professional bettor on sports and e-sports (while esports is not that old however, the principles are pretty similar)

I have learned a lot about how to bet wisely and here I can teach how to make profit out of e-sports betting too.

First thing you should keep in mind is to look for best places where you can place bets against bookies or exchanges!

I believe nowadays Pinnacle is very clever here with their odds and pricing so remember that they might always have sharper odds when benchmarking and searching for price differentials. Next search against other popular book makers and exchanges to compare odds pricing for matches and look for competitive or better pricing.

By comparing odds, spotting the significant differences in odds and placing bets on those differential odds you can make a higher return on your betting investment. (Remember to search for odds that are higher than Pinnacle’s price points because that’s going to be better for you)

The competition between bookies on odds pricing for esports games is strong and hese odds differences can also appear, during in-play games. So if you really want to take this betting business seriously you will need to reserve your time for whenever big games are taking place!


If you are reading this and totally new to betting, here’s a quick breakdown of how the maths’ works.

  • You can stake – let’s say 100EUR on a match that’s going to play.

  • You pick your team to back using the ads displayed from the bookmaker for that match. If you are watching for example Dota 2 tournaments you will certainly know teams like Natus Vincere (16.) or Evil Geniuses (3.).

  • Now you may think okay I know these teams, but I still don’t know how to bet or how bets work.

The bookmaker is a service where you can bet your money.

Bookmakers offer odds which are short term agreements between you and them on the outcome of a match or game.

This agreement says you risk losing your 100EUR in case you bet wrong and your team loses. On the other hand, you will get paid an amount of money if your team wins multiplied by odds displayed when the game is played out.

If you guessed right – you win 100 EUR plus the odds amount in addition.

If not – you lose all your money to the bookmaker

Simple as that!

Different bookmakers offers different types of odds formats

If you bet on decimal odds 3.0 to get paid 300 back (100EUR initial stake + 200EUR winnings) it’s the same as placing same bet on fraction odds 2/1 (which give you 200Profit + your initial 100EUR stake)

I have tried to define the important and basics of betting very simply in some of our other blogs so do take some time to read these and our FREE guides to get more familiar with betting.

I’ve also attached a screenshot of one of the well known bookmaker in the World.

Now that you are comfortable with understanding betting and the importance of betting wisely and how to search for odds pricing differentials we can move on to the other tips I can share about esports betting.

  1. Have a clear strategy of what to bet on and when

Make clear plan and strategy of what you will bet on every day. When you wake you do all your daily routines and if you have chance take time to have a little think about how you want to spend your day.

If decide to spend it by betting and making profit then you need a strategy in place! You don’t ever want to bet with emotions. This is when you make bad decisions and you can make mistakes.

You can beat the market and you can make money by betting but you have to have a strategy every day of what to bet on and when.

Study the market and perfect your timing as this can help you reach your goals. Luckily for us these days the betting market is well known and also well mapped. Prices differ according to the market trends and this gives us big chance to make sure profits.

You can decide to start betting arbitrages which means that thanks to differences on markets are high enough to guarantee you risk free profit when betting across the market.

Secondly you can start value bets which is a form of betting where you can identify market inefficiency and spot the mistakes between bookies. The best advice I can give you here is use automated tools such as www.betburger.com This service will give you best starting position and it is also best service available that we use for mapping bookmaker’s weak spots on pricing.

  1. Why tipsters don’t work

The main reason why tipsters does not work is because they don’t work with the maths. They work with concepts and predict the outcomes based on influences and strategies inherent to the game. This is not an exact science and it’s also risky to follow someone else’s judgement vs the facts.

Anyway, I believe if people do not know what makes them money with deep understanding these people will struggle to make money in the long run. Facts and numbers don’t lie. So I like to follow these.

People need to have better understanding of they are doing. I mean if you do not understand what you are doing you easily get fooled by sweet promises of easy wins. If you know how you are getting the house edge you cannot be fooled, and you know what to expect as a predicted outcome.

In most cases you can ask for Tipsters ROI which is return on Investment and if they have solid source where you are able to verify it then you found probably good source. However, if Tipsters are not able to show history and prove their ROI then please be very cautious of spending any money with any of them.

  1. Learn with us

Learning with an expert is the best way to get started risk free.

Here at Wisepunters we are a group of professional punters and friends working together for over 10 years by now and we have learned a lot in betting industry and about arbitrage and value-bets betting.

Our combined years of experience means we know all the tricks of the trade. We have searched out all the possible opportunities to make money online using sports-betting and all the associated affiliation and marketing programs these companies use as a vehicle to optimise our earnings.

We teach others, like you – how to get the edge over the house and share all of our tips and tricks so you can also learn how to beat the bookies. We hope you will find value in spending time while learning with us!

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