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Your bank roll is the money you set aside for betting. This pool of money is essentially your base of operations; the platform from which you launch into professional sports betting. Like any investment, the aim is to make a profit from the original amount of money you bet. As you can’t always guarantee a win, it’s important to manage your bank roll properly so you can sustain this activity. But how exactly does one go about doing this? We’re here to answer this question by providing our top tips for managing your finances when it comes to sports betting. Read on to find out for yourself.

Asset Distribution

Like a stock investment, it’s important to distribute your money across the board for sports betting. Nothing is more likely to diminish your bank roll than putting all your eggs in one basket. There are no guarantees when it comes to sports betting, so don’t bet everything on your favourite team. Instead, it’s better to put a little bit of money everywhere. This means you’re still in with a good chance of making a decent profit – but if one of your bets were to fall through, it wouldn’t bankrupt you either.

Risk Vs Reward

This principle is often used in the business world, but it’s also applicable to those in professional sports betting. You must be cautious with your bank roll finances, hence our paragraph on asset distribution. Sometimes being too careful is a disadvantage as you miss out on huge profits. Therefore, you might benefit from taking calculated risks when it comes to sports betting. Often, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. Just ensure your bank roll can support the loss if things don’t go your way. That’s why we recommend you take calculated risks. But how exactly do you this…?


You need to understand the sporting fields you’re going to be betting on. Conduct research into the best players and teams to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Who are the biggest contenders in upcoming events, and who is the potential underdog of the tournament? Find the answers to these questions, and then some. The more you know, the better equipped you are to take on the world of professional sports betting. This will help you make more calculated decisions when it comes to managing your bank roll.

Bet Tracking

When managing your bank roll for sports betting, it’s important to keep track of your bets to see where you are and aren’t making money. It makes sense to withdraw your finances where you’re getting a low or negative return on your investments, so they can be better spent elsewhere. This is also why it’s good to bet in units. Units are a baseline amount you bet. With them, you can easily track what percentage of the money you’re losing or winning on certain sports.

These are the fundamentals of managing your bank roll when doing professional sports betting. It’s important to treat this activity like a proper investment, so don’t be reckless. Instead, make calculated decisions and understand the field as best you can.