What to do when you hit losses on sports betting

Most of us feel comfortable when we know how much we made as a salary for working in a day. Usually people set targets for themselves instead of searching for their limits?! Then small swings in results can destroy their ideal model and they are suffering emotionally and psychically which is often talked about and shown in this business. 

You are able to earn sustainable income however in this area of business, I would like to get you prepared also for when you have an unlucky day or days when mistakes occur that could affect our earning on any given day. The point of this is to make you think about the long run and the earnings you make over time not in the day by day.

It helps me a lot to think about losses this way: “I have lost money today – even if it is a big amount I still can recover and continue with patience”. You can also have this outlook on the situation: “Although I have lost this time, I would not probably need that money during this period of my life and still I can make it back in future.” (But still keep sufficient money in reserves, otherwise it is a gamble which is too dangerous especially when you might have poor business experiences).

How can you prepare for losses:

Firstly, you should be fully aware of what you are doing. Once you have your strategy set you should count on some pitfalls which may appear. Please don’t be disappointed if you lose some big amounts. I was building my bankroll for about 3 years to get to 25k and I failed so many times and then rose again. This is about professional gain and long term planning.

For example, when I recall my situation when I was at about 23-25k of my bankroll (it took me 3 years to build this bankroll, starting with 250€) I have lost 10k putting me back to 13-15k, and this repeated twice in that time. I was almost unable to get to 30k which was my overall initial target. In such times you should keep calm and climb again. DO NOT gamble or take risks to make up losses. Remember your emotions need to be taken out of the equation. 

Another year I was able to hit my target and since then everything went extremely well.  Being a professional punter takes patience. It is necessary. Then there were times that It appeared to be the best times and I was doubling down my bankroll reaching several hundreds of thousands from month to month and everything went pretty quick in that period.

Secondly never stop with your continued self-education. 

Once you become satisfied with your results – you’ll start to believe that what you achieved is success. After that you should definitely extend your knowledge and never stop learning and discovering new challenges. Reading new books, meeting people or educating yourself on YouTube can help you a lot and be part of our community where we share lots of information and strategies as we do.