When it comes to online betting you should be aware of a few facts. One of them is that betting in general involves a high level of risk which may cause big financial losses. It’s imperative that if you decide you’d like to undertake a career in sports betting as a professional punter you have to be vigilant about what you invest to earn.

However, in this blog I would like to present the opposite side of betting and show you how it can be used to make profit.

If you realize that betting is indeed a mathematical equation then everything will become suddenly clear to you.

If you intend to become successful you should avoid being overwhelmed by emotions. 

This is probably the biggest advantage besides the natural “house edge” any sportsbook or casino or any other financial institution may have against its own customers. You can become really successful having this in the back of your mind.

Rather than emotions (e.g. when you lose something and you try to catch up, you soon start risking more without making strategic or clever decisions). You must learn to use logic and rational decisions instead. 

Take a break for a while if necessary. 

I would not recommend any kind of martingale system (as promoted elsewhere on the internet) as it only supports the above mentioned emotion which is definitely not the right way to apply your thinking or doing – when it comes to long term success in online sports betting. Wild unplanned betting can only destroy your well-planned strategy and it will be more difficult for you to start again. 

Back to the equation mentioned above. 

When a bookmaker sets its odds, they have to take into consideration the real probability of a sports event. When bookmakers can assume that probability of one outcome is even then their odds have to reflect this. For this case decimal odds would look like 2.0 or in fraction it will say “even” or displays as 1/1. However, for allowing houses to run their business they often set odds below this true value. How bookies work and how they make their profits is well described in the following video. Like green on roulette is good enough to run business for Casino likewise it is good for pinnacle to keep 2.8% house edge for Sportsbook!

Luckily for us, betting on sports isn’t the same as betting on roulette spin. So in contrast to how bookies make its profit there is a formula which helps customers to make profit for themselves. Thanks to strong competition and different opinions in some cases individuals can make risk free profit independently of the outcome of the sport event. Following video will well describe how you can make money guaranteed profit or risk free.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is not the most profitable way to make profit on betting however it is definitely the safest option when you decide to enter the world of professional sports betting with an intention to become successful. This was also my first contact with betting. I remember it was great to know that you will not lose money in any case. One side loses and the other wins which covers your loss in full and gives a small return as well. 

Beside this small profit following the arbitrage betting strategy for ages gave me so much valuable knowledge about sports betting and the internal running and operations of the industry itself that I can benefit from those still nowadays and share it all with you too!

If you decide to enter sports betting as  a professional career, I would definitely recommend you to start with arbitrage betting. It is a very safe and convenient way for you at an early stage. It also allows you to understand mathematical equations which are used by bookmakers every day which you can take into your advantage later!