Sports arbitrage, also known as a sure bet, may seem daunting and complicated to beginners. The truth is, sure betting requires lots of work in the beginning, but so does any other skill you haven’t mastered yet. Understanding the basis of arbitrage, familiarizing yourself with the terminology, and getting to know bookmakers is necessary to a successful start of the journey to sure betting. This arbitrage betting guide will help you gain the knowledge you need to get started. Once you understand the basics you can move further with our articles for advanced arbers.

Arbitrage betting explained
By applying arbitrage betting you bet on all possible outcomes of a sporting event regardless of who wins. You don’t even need to be a sports fan or understand the rules of the sports you’re betting on. The success of this strategy lies in covering all outcomes. However, you cannot do it at the same betting broker otherwise you would lose. To guarantee yourself a profit, you need to place each bet with a different bookmaker.

Finding arb opportunities
When you start comparing the odds for the same sports event, you will notice that different betting brokers set variable odds. The variance will be slight. If the contrast between two odds on offer is too high, a bookie has probably made an error. Simply put, an opportunity for a sure bet arises when brokers take an alternative view on the outcomes of a particular sports event. Should you find such an opportunity, you could achieve a profit no matter what outcome.

A step by step guide to arbitrage bet
Calculating your odds and stakes you need to bet correctly is key when doing sports arbitrage. Although there is software that can identify arbitrage opportunities for you, it is useful to know what the process from finding a bet to placing a sure bet looks like. A step by step process to arbitrage bet would look like this:
1. Finding a sports event at online bookmakers with two different outcomes. You can also use a comparison site such as Oddschecker.
2. Identifying the highest odds for each outcome from different betting companies.
3. Calculating whether the odds create a sure bet opportunity. You can use one of the plenty of calculators available online. You’re looking for an opportunity where all outcomes from different bookmakers add up to less than 100%.
4. If you find it, calculate the stakes you need to bet with every bookmaker. Consider the amount of money you are willing to invest.
5. Finally comes placing the bets.

How can arbitrage become a stream of income?
As I’ve already mentioned, there is only a slight variance between the odds set by bookies. Sure betting profits usually range between 1% – 10%. Therefore, to achieve a good profit, you need to bet high stakes. I would say less than a four-figure stake is not worth the time it takes to identify a sure bet.

Where to bet?
You already know how to bet. That’s great! Now let’s take a look at sports bookmakers. It does matter where you bet. Knowing how betting companies may differ will make your arbitrage journey more valuable. Reviews of the sports bet brokers will help you decide where and how to place your stakes. Read the terms and conditions of every bookmaker you open your account with. Almost every broker offers their clients a generous bonus. Remember that no bonus is for free. If you have an itch for using bonus money first, understand the way it is funded and its wagering requirements. Be aware of the limits and withdrawal conditions before you make your first deposit or a real bet.

Potential limitations with sure bets
Although sure betting isn’t illegal, some bookmakers feel negatively about arbers. Bookmakers that aren’t in favor of arbing tend to cancel bets or even suspend betting accounts if they detect arbing. Imagine that the first scenario happens to you, your bet on outcome A is canceled while a bet on outcome B is still in effect. It could lead to losing money. Although arbitrage promises a guaranteed profit, the possibility of losing money exists even here. However, most of the time when arbitraging carefully you can enjoy a nice profit.

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