Poker players are renowned for having a nomadic lifestyle. Especially those who play online. Like most of the successful poker players, being a successful sports punter has the same benefits and freedom too. I’ve spent months travelling and working where and when I want to. 

Being a professional sports trader is similar to managing yourself as a freelance worker and you can take this job with you anywhere in the world. All you really need is a notebook, a laptop and an internet connection. allowing you to travel around the world and be free from the regular 9-5 of a desk or office job. 

I’ve worked in multiple places betting online from a coffee shop in Hong Kong or in any of my travels in the beautiful cities of Europe. It has been very convenient to work as a professional sports punter and this is not a time-fixed or usual job. You can make money daily whilst enjoying a host of new places at the same time living life with a sense of freedom, and in contrast you don’t even need to work during the day- you can work on night shifts too.

I think the best thing about doing professional sports betting as a job is the fact that you can live like a free traveler and if you are young or have a girlfriend, I guess you both will enjoy this lifestyle too? 

I hope this site and its services will help you to learn more about sports betting as a profession and that you have an opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge it takes to make a living from understanding the maths that sits behind it. We are here to give you a better opportunity to change something in your life in a positive way. 

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with our community as I am looking forward to hearing and working with you soon! 🙂